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12/31/09 01:51 am

It is going to be another hard Moon. I could tell days ago. It is wearing on me.

3/4/08 07:36 pm - Multiple Monday

1) If you have one, what do you call your inside space/world?

It is just our Memory Palace. It has no special name other than this.

2)How do you experience each other (as sharing the brain/as being close to each other but not corporeal/as physical entities sharing a space someplace the brain/body etc.)?

Well, we see each other inside Palace. General if we are very close to front we I think mostly only hear each other, not so much seeing. We can look for someone in a room they are in inside the Palace though.

3) Can people who are fronting communicate with those who are not in the front and vice versa?

Yes, we can do this.

4) Does your household/system experience time the same way inside as in the front?

Inside there is really no time. Some people go back to own worlds and there time is not really same as out here, necessarily.

5) Do people ever get stuck in the front or stuck inside?

Yes, this happens. Sometime people who do not really do good in front become front for whatever reason. Sometime whoever is front gets knocked out of front and then it is a scramble to find whoever is nearby. But when people like Lavinia (who is not having hands or tongue) get stuck front, often someone in other system (in this case it is probably her father Titus) pulls them into mindspace with them, and someone else is then fronting. So people who are stuck are not usually stuck for long!

And sometime, we cannot find someone we are looking for -- I guess this is like being stuck inside.

-- Enrikas
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